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Fort Worth, TX 76126

Phone (817) 367-1544
Cell (817) 705-4079

Statewide Lightning Protection Specialist

Donohue Lightning Protection is a family owned and operated business that offers the most comprehensive technologies available to ensure your property is safe and secure against lightning strikes. We deal directly with our customers and are happily available to answer all of your questions and ease whatever concerns you may have.

We use top quality products, components, tools and the latest technologies available to ensure our customer's safety is our priority. Our knowledgeable staff has the skills and know how to plan, design, build & install a custom system that will guarantee the highest level of protection from a lightning strike.

  • Home Protection
  • Office & Business Protection
  • Barn & Out-Buildings
  • Factory & Commercial Building
  • Honest Estimates
  • Quality Construction
  • UL-Listed Products
  • Copper & Aluminum Systems
  • Antenna Lightning Protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Design & Installation


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